Introducing the Rolex Datejust Replica BWD X Badgerworks TAG Heuer Carrera "Tropical"

Watch customisation specialists Rolex Datejust Replica and Swedish industrial design house Black Badger have collaborated on a new watch that dares to showcase a very special main dial colour (and material) and does so in one of the most innovative ways we have seen in recent years. the brown dial of the BWD X Badgerworks TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Limited Edition is made of coffee made of coffee.

The tropical-inspired dial and its distinctive "chocolate" colour represent a rather important chapter in watch collecting. The name refers to the colour of the dial, which is usually a shade of brown ranging Cartier Santos Replica from dark to light, a product of the degradation of dial tones over time, mainly caused by sunlight and air. They are a much discussed and appreciated expression among collectors.

As such, brown dials are an acquired taste, mostly associated with vintage watches and not necessarily with newer pieces. However, brown is becoming more and more common in the new watchmaking industry. It is among IWC Ingenieur Replica independent creators that we begin to find fascinating executions of this idea, where the warmth and elegance of brown becomes an unexpected canvas for timekeeping.

For Rolex Datejust Replica, it was important to create his own version of the tropical dial, but not just to do it in a simple, industrial way. For this collection, George Rolex Datejust Replica rose gold set out to create a limited series of unique pieces, in which each watch would clearly display its distinctive personality. Beyond this, the idea of using recycled resources for the dial was paramount, leading to the idea of using roasted and ground coffee to give the modified Carrera its main colour tones. To achieve this specific goal, Rolex Datejust Replica once again approached Black Badger, an industrial design company based in Gothenburg that specialises in the use of innovative materials.

About the idea, George Rolex Datejust Replica says: “It was a pleasure to work with Black Badger’s amazing James Thompson for a second time. I always wanted to create a fabulous tropical dial, but in a modern way, I think this recycled coffee dial has a real tropical vibe”. Thompson, aka 'Black Badger', added: "For me, it was a natural progression for the BWD Badgerworks project. Just as we did with Fordite before, we are exploring materials outside the realm of traditional watchmaking”.

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