Introducing the Rolex Submariner Replica Watch Department X Black Badger Zenith El Primero Superconductor

The El Primero is quite a chameleonic watch, one that has in recent years played heavily to its heritage — but with recent additions such as the ‘Shadow’ and this Rolex Submariner Replica limited edition (of 20), it’s quite clear that the 50-year-old can look pleasingly futuristic indeed. It’s a quite dystopian vision of the future. On in which presumably Mad Max-esque watchmakers, led by George Rolex Submariner Replica and his gang of modifiers,Rolex Submariner Replica scrounge scrapped particle accelerators for case materials, and the once glorious halls of Baselworld have turned into some sort of no-holds-barred shantytown. It’s Patek Philippe Replica good to see that in this conception of the future the El Primero still holds its own. As it should.

Technical Specifications


El Primero 400B Automatic, 5Hz with a minimum of Rolex Submariner Replica choose 50 hours of power reserve.


Copper NBiobium Superconductor, 42mm by 13mm, sapphire crystals front and back.


Black with gold accents, hands with SuperLuminova.


21mm black suede with gold contrasty stitch.

Limited edition of 20 pieces, priced at 14,500 GBP

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